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Sadykhov Gulam Sadykhovich, doctor of technical science, professor, chief researcher, fellow of Russian Federation Quality Problems academy, Bauman Moscow State Technical University (105005, p. 1, 5 2-nd Baumanskaya street, Moscow, Russia),
Savchenko Vladimir Petrovich, doctor of technical sciences, professor, CEO, Joint Stock Company «Academician A. L. Mints Radiotechnical Institute» (127083, p. 1, 10 8 March street, Moscow, Russia),

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The work proves necessary and sufficient conditions for testing the simplest laws of resource distribution. An achievable estimate of the mean discrete resource is proved, which allows estimating a discrete resource for any law of distribution of product releases to failure in the early stages of resource tests.

Key words

the number of fail-safe operations, the probability of failure-free operation, the intensity of failures when triggered

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